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Subtle is not an adjective you would most likely use to describe the G80 BMW M3 – the sixth such iteration of 3 Series to wear the hallowed moniker. With its bulging wheel arches, multiple aero addenda, quad tailpipes and the much-discussed gaping maw of a grille, the M3 is not shy about telegraphing its performance intent.

There are plenty of words you would use, however, to aptly describe the M3. Such as 'grip', for example. Even without the optional four-wheel drive, the G80 M3 holds onto the Tarmac in a way that would shame a limpet. Then there’s the phrase ‘extraordinary pace’. With 510hp it delivers a 0-62mph sprint in under four seconds, and the super-responsive eight-speed auto means the twin-turbo straight-six always seems to be ready to deliver its prodigious power whenever you want it.

What might surprise you is that, despite a firm ride, the M3 makes a fine long-distance companion – indeed it can be coaxed to 35mpg on motorway runs. 

What you won’t get is a manual gearbox in the UK or the regular non-Competition version, which is perhaps a shame - but BMW says that’s what UK buyers (don’t) want, so maybe that’s all right then…

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